We have been reading the book ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra. Supertato has to rescue the veggies from the evil pea. We loved the story and have even read two others that Henri brought in from home ‘ Supertato- veggies assemble’ and ‘Supertato- run veggies run’. We have made our own super veggies!

We are designing traps for the evil pea too, so he’d better watch out!


What’s behind the door now?


We came back to school this week to find that our doors had been transformed! Behind the door was now a Superhero training school! How exciting! We will be working on superhero missions and our ultimate mission is to be ready to move to our new class in September! Watch this space to see how we get on!


We have been visiting the Spinney every week and have been busy making a garden for the fairies. Unfortunately we have been having lots of trouble with naughty trolls. The trolls have been in the Spinney scratching the trees, breaking sticks and trying their best to scare the fairies away. One day we even found a troll oven that they had made!

We decided that enough was enough! We did some research and decided that Boggarts were the best way to scare them away! We designed some scary Boggart faces and then went to the Spinney to make them. What do you think? So far there has been no more troll trouble!

We’ll keep you posted!

Run run as fast as you can!

This term’s project is ‘what’s behind the door?’ In Early Years, our magic doors will be leading us into different worlds. At the moment, our classroom door leads us in to a land of fairy tales. We have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man. We made our own gingerbread men to sell in our gingerbread shop. We are raising money to buy some toadstool seats for the spinney and to help to build a memorial garden for Pepe. So far we have raised £33. Watch out for upcoming sales!

Our trip to the Science Zone

We were lucky enough to go on a trip to the Science Zone in Boscombe. There were lots of dinosaur artefacts there and models of dinosaurs for us to look at. We got the opportunity to make dinosaur fossils and touch and look at fossils and even dinosaur poo! We then went in to the dome to watch dinosaur films. It was great because we could see the pictures all around us and above us. We also found out lots of facts about dinosaurs. Come and ask us!

More eggs!

We found more eggs in the spinney! We took them back to class. We were very careful as one of the eggs was already starting to crack! We put them carefully into a nest in the classroom (we know what to do now!) The next day we checked on the eggs and had a huge surprise! Glinka left a note saying that the eggs were for us and that there was something for us inside. The only problem was- how could we get it out? We had lots of ideas ; soaking them in water, using tools to crack them or using our hands to break them up. It was really exciting!

Look what was inside!

We are busy making a book about our dragon adventures. Come and read it soon!

Dragon egg!

Mrs Treen found an egg on the way in to school!


It was a really special egg, but we didn’t know where it had come from or who it belonged to! We decided to look on the CCTV camera and we got such a surprise. It was a dragon! It had flown past and dropped its egg! We decided to look after it for the dragon and made it a cosy nest to keep it warm.

The next day when we came in to school the egg was gone! We had a letter from Glinka the dragon, thanking us for looking after the egg.


We were pleased that the egg was back with its owner, but we wondered where it had gone. Later in the week the mystery was solved. We went to the spinney and found lots of dragon clues. Have a look …

What do you think? I wonder what will happen next!

They hatched!

Bumblebee class came in on Friday to find that their egg had gone! There was only a trail of glitter and some feathers left. They used the clues to try to find out what had been in the egg. It must be something magic and something that could fly. Was it..? Could it be..? A unicorn?!

Butterfly Class had been getting very excited for a few days as their egg started to crack. We could see some hair. And some fur. On Friday it came out of the egg completely. But what is it? And where did it come from?

Egg update

We read ‘The egg’ by MP Robertson. The story is about a boy called George who finds an egg. He brings it inside, sits on it and reads it stories. You will have to read the story to find out what happens next!


We read stories to our egg to see if that would help it to hatch.

IMG_6933Wait and see what happens next!